Enterprise Park and Kids’ Kingdom

Kids' Kingdom's Fastasy Fountain area.

4000 Victor Ave
Redding CA

We drive through Redding, CA often, and I’m ever on the hunt for a great park. On our most recent pass down I-5, we found one worthy of being declared a pit stop! Kids’ Kingdom is a section of the larger Enterprise Park that spans several city blocks. Whereas the park at large seems to cater to the sports and leisure crowd (lots of soccer fields and picnic areas), Kids’ Kingdom is tucked away under shade trees and could be easily overlooked.

At this smaller section of the park, you’ll find a fun splash/water feature (Fantasy Fountain) with a concrete rocky mountain, sprinkler archways, and a padded floor surface, an expansive wooden fort play structure, and lots of mature trees to climb. We arrived just after the water feature had been turned off for the night, but the kids still had fun climbing the ‘mountain’ and playing in the fort. Combined with a picnic dinner brought from the nearby Subway restaurant, Kids Kingdom made for a great pit stop!

Note: Enterprise Park is not in what appears to be the best part of town. We felt quite safe during daylight hours, but use your own judgment when visiting.

Wooden fortress at Kids Kingdom.

Distance off the interstate: Five minutes.

Hours: Sunrise until sunset. The water feature is on daily, but only until 6 pm on weekends in summer (in other words, not late enough!)

Bathrooms: Standard park bathrooms are located on the far side of the water feature. Warning: the day we visited, the bathrooms were in terrible condition. (This was in the later evening, after a full day’s use, but was still not acceptable.) Hopefully it was the exception, not the rule.

Calvin at the top of the Fantasy Fountain mountain.

Directions: From I-5, take the Cypress exit. Head east on Cypress for one mile, then 1.5 miles south on Victor. Park is on the right. Take the main entrance, then follow the Kids’ Kingdom sign past the open grassy spaces down a short hill. Parking on the right.

I apologize for the poor quality photos; I took them right at sunset, and the lighting was not conducive to photo taking!

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  1. This is great, we will be heading up through Redding next month. It surprises me, though, that the water feature would only be on during weekends, considering how hot it gets there in the summer.

  2. You know, I just phrased that badly, Lora! The water feature is on every day; it just turns off early (6 pm) on weekends (which I found strange). I’ll reword that so it’s less confusing! Thank you!

  3. When I was a little girl I helped build this place! Almost 20 years ago my hand prints are still on the walls there

  4. Just was telling my girls about it and was telling them that my hand print is in the wall its one place we will have to stop while seeing my family in cali…

  5. Mary Paita says:

    Yesterday I took my grandchilren to Kids Kingdom mostly to visit the water fountain. What happened to it and when will the new one be finished.? We were all so hot and disappointed.

  6. I totally agree. I was shocked to see that on a typical Reffing summer day that topped 100 dregrees, it closed so early.

  7. I used this tip last year! We stopped on our way south, and had such a nice time that we stopped again on our way north. This is the ideal mid-way stop for those of us from OR or WA on our way to Disneyland (or wherever down south.) We travel in winter, so can’t comment on the water features.

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