RVing the USA with Kids

Moms and dads always want the best for their kids. It’s most parent’s dream for their kids to grow up to be cultured, educated, and well-rounded adults. Did you know that RVing as a family is a good way to get ahead on that front?

RVing the USA


Venturing down the open road with the kids provides them an enlightening view of life that many people, regardless of age, may not ever get in their lifetimes. RVing opens up doors to families. Not only is RVing an exciting way for parents to become closer and visit bucket list locations, but the kids will benefit from their travels for life.

In this article, we’re going to provide some actionable tips and tricks for RVing with kids, some thoughts on home/road schooling, and talk about some cool destinations you’ve got to visit for kids to learn while having fun.

Tips and Tricks

RVing for long periods of time (or even short ones) is tricky enough as it is. RVing for long periods of time while you have kids with you is even trickier. They key to successfully planning and executing a great family expedition is to keep things as simple as possible.

You’re going to have a lot on your plate, especially if you’ve got multiple kids. So don’t overcomplicate your life, if you don’t have to. Be organized. Keep every child’s gear in separate bags in order not to misplace anything. Pack small healthy snacks separately as well. If you’re prepared with food items, you can save money on meals and save time on stopping places.

When choosing an RV to rent in the first place, make sure you choose one that has plenty of space for living and for storage. It can feel stuffy with just a couple of people in an RV, so imagine a motorhome full of young energetic and curious creatures.

The class of RV you’re traveling in is essential for success. Shoot for a unit that features musts such as a refrigerator, stove, microwave (trust us, a microwave is a lifesaver for a family young kids), and a decent sized dining area.

Remember, children have the tendency to get bored very quickly. If you pick up a unit with amenities such as TVs, DVD players, large windows for viewing epic scenery, and racks for bikes and such, they’ll always have something fun to do, inside and outside of the unit.

Just as another quick tip, as great as the RV lifestyle is, sometimes it lacks privacy. If you’re parents who value yours, maybe you should go for the style of unit that has a private bedroom and bathroom.

Choosing a unit that fits your unique family just right is tough. Thankfully, RVshare has you covered. It’s the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. With hundreds of options of high-quality RVs for rent everywhere in the country, you’re covered no matter what your situation.


The way it works is simple. Go to the RVshare site and enter in where you’d like to pick up the unit and when you’ll need it, right from the home page. You’ll notice that you have the option of almost any RV imaginable from the simplest to the most luxurious. You can filter your results based on a lot of different criteria. Select the one you’re interested in and click “Request to Book.”

The best part about it is that you’re renting directly from the owners themselves. You can get in contact with them, learn everything there is to know about a particular unit, and maybe learn a little about the kind of memories your family can make by renting it. With RVshare, you’re also guaranteed 24/7 roadside assistance to make certain you and your young ones are safe at all times. Click here for more info on car accessories you may want for your travels.

Alternative Schooling

If you’re going to be hitting the road for long periods, or even full-time, perhaps inquiring about alternative education methods for your children is weighing on your mind.

Homeschooling can be a very good option for parents who’ve got patience plus a willing attitude, and children who are disciplined and self-motivated. Many states offer free curriculums, so if you’re on a budget, but are still thriving to make it happen, you can. You can also choose to enroll your children in a paid program. Many schools offer curriculums you can pay for, and are even better than public schools. An advantage of homeschooling is that your child can progress at the pace that’s comfortable for them. They can take a little extra time if they need it, or they can zip right through their age group and graduate early!

Roadschooling is another interesting option of alternative schooling. It’s a growing trend in America because more families are choosing the RV lifestyle. Instead of teaching strictly from what’s in the textbooks, many parents choose to teach their kids based on where the road takes them. For example, imagine learning about colonial America by seeing it from a settler’s point of view. Roadschooling can be a good option for families who’ll be putting major mileage on their RVs.

Places You Don’t Want to Miss

Who says you can’t mix learning with fun? As we’ve just covered, the two are slowly starting to form a beautiful bond. There are destinations all over the country that make for amazing family field trips.

Study some earth science by visiting parks such as Redwood National Park or Yosemite National Park. Both of these parks offer breathtaking views of sky-high trees and rocks from hundreds of years ago. Feel humbled by realizing just how small humans really are, while at the same time feeling accomplished for learning about some of the most wonderful natural beauties on earth.

Catch up on history by taking a trip out to the nation’s capital. Washington D.C. is a magnificent spot for kids and parents alike. Check out attractions like the Washington Monument, take a walk through Georgetown, or visit the Martin Luther King Memorial, where there is much to learn.

Of course, that’s less than one percent of all the mind-boggling places you can go to learn about the world while having an amazing time. To get really excited, visit places like Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, or even Walt Disney World, which believe it or not, can be a very educational experience. Plus you’ll earn cool points from the kids.

RVing is one of the best ways ever to experience the world and get familiar with all of the wonderful cultures it has to offer. Living the RV lifestyle also mixes that with helping families draw closer and helping kids become sharp and sympathetic adults. It’s time you rent that RV and finally go on that legendary journey your family deserves!

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