Budget travel tips: Cheap accommodation for the budget traveler

One of the things we worry about when we travel is being able to find the right accommodation for us to fit the budget that we have. Of course, nothing beats being in a luxury hotel, surrounded by all the amenities a traveller could ask for; but tickets and the travel insurance alone has already cost us much.


Well, if you are about to hold off on that trip just because you cannot check-in to a 5-star hotel, stop for a second. There are actually a lot of ways in which you can get cheaper accommodation. Before you roll your eyes, cheap does not exactly mean diminished quality. Sometime, the more budget friendly a place is the more fun travelers have. So here we have listed down accommodation travel tips you can go through before deciding on which place you want to stay in for your trip.


The most popular choice for budget travelers is staying at a hostel. You have probably heard of hostels but have never seen one. They are usually dormitory style, which means facilities will be shared with the other guests. Do not let that turn you off hostels, though, because there are hostels that offer private room accommodations. But where is the fun in that, right? Just make sure the hostel you are going to stay in is trusted by other travelers.


This is basically just staying at a host’s home. It is a little like BnBs, but the host family is still there. There are a lot of websites that can help you look for hosts like Global Freeloaders, Stay4Free, and Hospitality Club. To make sure that you will be safe during your stay, make sure to check the host’s personal profile and read their reviews. You can also ask for contact details so you can interview them yourself; the ideal is to be able to video interview them so you can see them.

Bed and Breakfast

AirBnB is a website that can help you find houses owned privately but are up for rent for travelers. This is popular in places like Europe and Australia. These are fully-furnished houses or apartments, so you will not have any problems with convenience. All the same, your safety should be your priority, so make sure you have their contact details and read the reviews on their profile.

Budget hotels

Of course, budget hotels can still be a bit pricey for some people. So before you book a room, check out their promotions page and see if they are offering exclusive discounts and deals. The inclusions will not be as luxurious, but at least the accommodation is cosy.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay during the trip, there are a couple factors that come into play: price, location, and amenities. Choose one among the accommodation listed above and see which ones will fit you travel needs. Happy trip!

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