Family travel tip: Learning to fly a drone

As drones surge in popularity, they are becoming increasingly more affordable. In our travels, we increasingly see families with drones, for the purpose of getting video and photos as they explore. In addition, the latest drones feature advanced functionality and a wide range of applications. Drones blend technology with the outdoors. In a world where kids are disinterested in family outings and are spending more time indoors glued to TV screens, drones offer a wonderful alternative introducing them to cutting-edge technology while also getting them to step out of their rooms.

learn to fly a drone

Learning to fly a drone is easy: Get the entire family involved and make it fun

Learning to fly a drone is actually quite easy and there are lots of beginner drones in the market that you and your family can use as you learn the ropes. However, before you power on your quadcopter and start flying, it is important that you first learn the basics.

Know how to use the Return Home function

When you are learning, this will be one of your most used flight controls. The feature enables you to send the drone back to where it started. This is achieved by pressing a sequence of buttons. However, it is important to note that this varies between manufacturers and models with some of newer versions having a single return button.

Master the take off

Another important thing that you need to master is the takeoff. After all, there isn’t much you can do with your drone stuck on the ground. Some drones need the controller turned on first, some the drone itself. Whatever the case with your model, make sure you know the sequence so that your drone can acquire the location of GPS satellites and ready its flight control system.

Grasp the controls

The controls are what you’ll rely on once your drone is in the air. Although they can seem confusing, with time, you’ll become more comfortable with your navigation and able to perform sharper movements.

Learn in an open space

As tempting as it may be to take your drone to more interesting spaces, it’s important for you and your kids to first test your aviation skills in a very open area where you can achieve a clear line of sight. Avoid flying around trees or over open water and by all means do not fly your drone in the house. Chances are that it’ll take off and bang into the ceiling and or the wall and crash onto the floor. Not worth it.

The most important part of controlling your drone is knowing where it is at all times. Keep your head on a swivel and avoid any lapses in concentration. Understand that you are directing the drones every move – A single mistake and you may end up crashing your prized possession.

As you practice, you can take turns with the rest of your family and make it fun. Once you feel that you have full learned, you can upgrade from a beginner drone to more powerful and functional UAV.

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