Six reasons to love Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf LodgeThe Christmas decorations are down, the kids are back in school, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…time to start planning spring break travel! Our family thinks the Great Wolf Lodge offers the perfect antidote to dreary March days, making it an ideal location for an easy family getaway!

The following reasons to love Great Wolf are based on our experiences at the Grand Mound, WA location.

1. Great Wolf is the comfort food of family travel. At Pit Stops for Kids, we’re all about adventurous and educational travel. We advocate for getting kids out of their comfort zone, provide tips on how to make travel days run smoother, and offer reviews on off-the-beaten-path destinations like national parks and even yurt camping. That’s all well and good, but sometimes, you just want an easy getaway that’s all about the FUN. That’s what Great Wolf is: kid-friendly, parent-approved, no-brainer (or planner) FUN.

2. Kids get their exercise! Until you’ve climbed four flights of stairs and back down again eight times in ten minutes while waving a wand at various wall fixtures, you haven’t had a true cardio workout. We loved Great Wolf’s MagiQuest game so much, our kids spent half their stay completing quests. The other half was spent swimming in the wave pool and climbing the stairs to the water slides!

3. Outside food and drinks are not only allowed, but encouraged. Suites have both fridges and microwaves, making it easy to put together simple meals for your family. We always save money eating breakfast and snacks in our room. And outside food is permitted in the water park, too: go ahead and bring an entire cooler! To save money on lunch and stay hydrated all day, we bring in our own drinks.

MagiQuest4. The staff is friendly and helpful! And I mean very helpful. Disney helpful. From check-in to check-out, ‘Pack Members’ are on-hand to answer questions, point guests in various directions, and promote safety both in the water park and out. The MagiQuest staff is especially courteous, always walking the four bottom floors ready to assist any kids who need a hint on the game. The water park’s life guards seem to be everywhere; when my son fell and skinned his knee, two were on-hand with a band-aid and a smile before I could even get out of the water.

5. Families are accommodated. Well, of course they’re accommodated, Great Wolf is a hotel, after all, but I of course mean this in the greater sense! I love the extra room (literally) Great Wolf suites provide, the options for families of five (and larger), and the fact that throughout the resort, there’s something for everyone. Young kids love the Clock Tower sing-along every evening and can get some much needed quiet time in the Cub Club, where there’s always crafts, toys, and games just for them. Older kids can have the run of Gr8Space (12 and up) and the Northern Lights Arcade. For moms (and girls, too), you can’t beat the full spa. (See a full list of activities by age.)

6. Early check-in, late check-out. Arriving early? Don’t worry about your room not being ready; just check in, get your wrist bands (these serve as room key and water park pass), change into swim suits in the locker rooms, and hit the slides. Same goes for the day you leave: guests have full use of the resort (water park, MagiQuest, Gr8Space and more) until 9 pm the day of check out, allowing for nearly a full additional day of fun! Go ahead and stay all day, then put the kids in pajamas for the drive home!

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As the Pit Stops crew is dreaming of our next Great Wolf getaway scheduled for March, this post has been added to Mother of All Trips’ Monday Dreaming feature and Trekaroo’s Spotlight Thursday! Stop by to see other great family destinations!

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  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun! I agree with you…it’s always nice to plan educational trips, but sometimes a trip to a place like this is much more relaxing.

  2. We haven’t been to a Great Wolf Lodge, but we have been to another indoor waterpark and had an absolute blast. Living in FL, I never thought that it was something we would do! We stopped at one as a pitstop on a two week road trip and it was one of our favorite parts!

  3. we just got back from great wolf lodge (traverse city) – it’s one of our VERY favorite places. great list!

  4. We recently took our sons to their first trip to Great Wolf. Awesome. They absolutely loved it. I was concerned, because my younger son is Autistic. The staff was super understanding and helpful. Can’t wait to go back. By the way, the Grand Mound location had a Pizza Hut express inside, and their prices were very reasonable.

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