Travel tip: Traveling while babies teethe with Baltic Amber

Teething doesn’t often conjure pictures of smiling parents or babies; certainly not visions of humming merry tunes. Add the tiny detail of traveling while your little one is cutting teeth, and your mental movie reel likely resembles the cackling of a wicked witch rather than the cheerful singing of a princess.

Crying, multiple stops to change drool-soaked clothing, irregular nap times, and a trail of dropped teething toys along your travel route are likely to make you think twice about embarking on an adventure while your little one is in this stage.

But just as work doesn’t have to be drudgery, teething doesn’t have to derail your travel plans. A fairly recent arrival on the market is providing a more complete and long-lasting option to controlling the symptoms of teething, allowing parents and babies alike to keep their cheerful disposition even while cutting teeth.

What is Baltic Amber?

It is a fossilized tree resin found only in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Only this specific form of amber contains a high concentration of succinic acid. This is the same acid produced by the human body as a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory.

How does it work?

After harvesting, the amber is cut into beads and smoothed. These super-smooth beads are individually knotted onto necklace strands for durability and security. The necklace is then carefully sized so that it fits closely against the skin, underneath clothing. As the amber is warmed by body heat, the succinic acid is released.

In much the same process as essential oils or transdermal medical patches, the skin absorbs the succinic acid, processes it, and delivers the pain relief and swelling reduction to the affected areas of the body – in the case of a teething baby, the sites of tooth eruption in the mouth.

As these primary complaints of pain and inflammation are eased, the drooling response diminishes, irritability is calmed, and sleep patterns return to a more normal routine. Baltic amber is especially effective at addressing these secondary complaints because it is delivering succinic acid in a constant stream, never allowing flare-ups of pain or swelling to occur. Other medical interventions peak and then wear off, bringing a new cycle of primary symptoms that leave the secondary symptoms untreated.

Why Is This Great for Traveling While They Teethe?

  • Because it is convenient. All that you need to do is put the necklace on and go! No juggling medication bottles, dosing schedules, or teether toys. It can even replace your remedies for sore throats, inflamed sinuses, and muscle or joint pain; any cause of pain or inflammation is addressed by this single product.
  • Because it is consistent. No need for holding your breath, praying that the plane will land or the traffic will clear in time for you to get that next painkiller dose into your kiddo before the previous dose wears off. If they’re wearing the necklace, they’re receiving the benefits.
  • Because it is compact. Anyone who travels regularly knows the value of space. One simple Baltic amber necklace is all that you’re packing here, and most of the time, it will be worn!
  • Because you can be confident and they can be cheerful. Your whole purpose in traveling with your kids is to spend time together, build experiences that you both will cherish, and broaden their world. That’s hard to do if you’re worried and they are unhappy. Effectively managing the multiple symptoms of teething with one simple remedy will return your confidence in a smooth travel experience and their cheerful excitement at being there with you.

Adding a Baltic wonder amber teething necklace to your travel packing list may just have you whistling a merry tune as you travel while they teethe!

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