Traveling across the USA with kids 

Are you a parent with one or more children? Do you dream of the possibilities of closing up your home and hitting the road for a couple of weeks or so? However, does the idea of traveling long distances feel slightly daunting because you have kids?


The benefits of traveling

Travel is good for everyone. In fact, recent studies show that there are strong health and wellness benefits of travel. Additionally, travel also has educational advantages. For example, if your children are learning about George Washington at school, visiting the George Washington Memorial Museum in Virginia, just outside Washington D.C. will enhance your children’s learning experience.

“When traveling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.” – Helen Hayes

Furthermore, our modern lifestyle is very sedentary. We sit behind desks at school, the office, and at home in front of tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Because of the hectic, fast-paced global culture, we don’t make time to cook for our families. It is easier to pass by a drive-through takeout joint and purchase ready-made food.  Therefore, the benefits of active travel are widely promoted as a means to increase our fitness levels and reduce the harmful side effects of our sedentary lifestyles.

The best way to travel across the USA 

Now that we have established why it is important to travel to new destinations as often as possible, let’s look at some of the easier ways to travel with kids. Let’s face it. All parents know that kids do not sit still for a long time, and get bored cooped up in a small space for long periods of time.

Hire an RV or motor home

Possibly the easiest way to travel with your family is to hire an RV from a company like Campanda. A standard RV has lots of space so you can pack everything you might need for the entire journey before you leave. You can pack your kids’ bikes, surfboards, skateboards, as well as everything else your family might need to enjoy the trip.

Additionally, an RV comes fully equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom, shower, as well as beds. Therefore, you can deal with any emergencies along the route. You also do not need to pre-book hotel rooms and, if you are delayed along the way, you do not need to find emergency overnight hotel accommodation. You can even plan your journey as you are travelling.

Finally, a fully equipped RV gives you the freedom to stay as long as you wish in the same place. All you need to do is to purchase food and the occasional emergency item. Should you want to stay longer, you can.

There is no doubt that the thought of going on holiday with your children can be daunting. However, if you plan your vacation around your children’s ages and their needs, you will find that you will have a lot of fun together as a family. This, in turn, is vital for the family to bond together as well as for everyone’s personal growth and development.

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Pit Stops for Kids AUTHOR: Amy Whitley is the founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids and content editor of Trekaroo. She writes on staff monthly at a number of travel publications, and contributes to OutdoorsNW magazine as an outdoor adventure traveler. Find Amy at Google.




  1. My younger brother and his travel nurse wife venture across the vast USA from Alaska to Florida with their Motorcoach. I see they are in Nevada now somewhere near Las Vegas. They love the travel on wheels lifestyle for sure! Whether you travel the USA that way or stay in Hotels… everybody is looking for a deal to start – Enjoying the GoodLife Everyday!

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