Summer travel gear pick: Trunki PaddlePak review

Now that’s summer’s underway, you’re getting a good feel for what travel gear is working for you…and what’s not. If you’ve been carting your pool and beach gear around in a standard backpack that A) your kids leave on the pool deck and B) allows wet swimsuits to leak through, leaving wet spots in your car, we have a solution.


We recently reviewed the PaddlePak backpack, the latest offering from Trunki, a travel company known for their innovative (and fun!) gear for kids. Trunki believes a good travel product appeals to both little ones and their parents. The PaddlePak is water resistant inside and out, so go ahead and spill a juice box or two, plus stash wet swimsuits and towels inside. Have a water bottle that religiously leaks when you pack it for day camp? Go ahead and put that in there, as well.

We tried out the PaddlePak Clown Fish pack, named Chuckles. Chuckles is a regular-sized PaddlePak (large is also available), and is big enough to fit a swimsuit (or change of clothes), a pair of shoes, and/or a snack and drink. It’s recommended for ages 2 and up, which we appreciate: my three-year-old loved that it fit her well. No more backpack shoulder straps slipping off! The top closes with a roll-top just like a grown-up dry bag, which is a fun (and practical) touch. See what I mean about Trunki products appealing to both parents and kids?


‘Chuckles’ is truly unisex: it appealed equally to my daughter and my five-year-old son. For older kids, I’d recommend one of the large packs, such as the gray shark or black killer whale. The straps are adjustable, and best of all, the regular size is only $25.

We’ve used the pack for short hikes in the woods, because it’s the bag my daughter is enthusiastic to wear, and for trips to the beach and pool. If your child is in swimming lessons or attends a day camp this summer, a PaddlePak would be ideal!

Disclosure: we were given one PaddlePak to try for the purpose of review. Without product review samples, Pit Stops for Kids would be unable to bring information on current travel products to our readers.

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