Win a Kodak Video Monitor for home security

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but until recently, we didn’t own any type of home security system. We live in a safe neighborhood, have big dogs, and great neighbors who look out for us. However, after a flurry of break-ins to cars and garages in our area, we’ve gotten smarter about monitoring our home, especially when we’re away.


To keep a better eye on our home when we travel, we tried the Kodak Video Monitor CFH-V15. This two-way video monitor is designed to monitor any space…we set it up in our living room just past our entry, so we could check in on things while on vacation. Mostly, we monitored the cat.

The video monitor comes in a small box, and I was relieved to discover it’s not intimidating to set up. In fact, it took us just over five minutes to have it up and running. Really, there are just a few steps:

  1. Take it out of the box.
  2. Connect it to power, via the included power cord.
  3. Download the app on Android or iOS, and connect via your home WiFi.
  4. Open the app and follow instructions.

The monitor comes with free cloud storage and unlimited live HD streaming via the app. The user can control the camera via the app, which means we can rotate the point-of-view as needed, even from our hotel room. The optional smart detection means the camera will automatically move if movement is detected. There’s two-way audio (so we can say hi to the cat) and night vision. You can store video on the cloud for one day, or you can upgrade to get 14-day ($9.99 per month) or even 30-day storage. We found we didn’t need it, but if this is for you, plans are located at Connected Family Home.

Pick up this monitor on Amazon for $119, or enter our giveaway!

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  1. Trisha Burgess says:

    I would use it to keep an eye on the kids in their play room!

  2. I would use it to see what my dog does while I’m away so I know how to keep her busy better to protect the house.

  3. Brandy Williams says:

    I would use this as security to check on my kids while they are 38th a sitter

  4. I would use this to keep an eye on my home while I am away.

  5. I would use it to keep an eye on my dogs. Sometimes they can be mischevious!

  6. I would use this video monitor to watch my house when I’m away.

  7. I would use it to check up on my three legged cat. 🙂

  8. I would use this to monitor my garage while away out of town or just way from home. We have had a lot of break ins via garages and this would be a great help.

  9. I would use the monitor for the back entrance of my house.

  10. I would use this monitor to monitor the front entrance of my home.

  11. Brittany Chadwick says:

    I would use it to monitor the house while away on vacation

  12. I would use this to keep an eye out on my kids to make sure they are not getting into things they are not suppose to.

  13. Dawn Monroe says:

    I would give it to my daughter for my grandkids play room area.

  14. Anna Tetreault says:

    I’m about to have my first baby and I live alone! I would feel a lot better if I could monitor my front door! I’d set this camera in my front window to monitor people who come to my door! 🙂

  15. Crystal Rose says:

    I would find out what our dog does when we’re gone.

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